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It still blows my mind that we are adopting and that our first child will be a sweet little Indian girl.  It blows my mind, but shouldn’t – I mostly get overwhelmed when I think of how God made it clearer than clear that we were to start adopting.  You see, Jake and I had it all planned out of when we’d get pregnant, how we thought we would discipline, and what his/her room would look like.  As usual, we thought we had it all figured out, but our God, so rich in his grace and mercy for us and our daughter, chose to still show us His plan for building our family. Love it! We are overjoyed at the thought of a little Taylor girl running around and filling our house with joy and a daily reminder of our adoption by Jesus Christ into HIS family!
We are currently waiting for our homestudy to be approved by our adoption agency. The homestudy is a series of interviews done by a social worker, all for the purpose of insuring that we are legally, emotionally, and physically healthy to be adopting parents. PARENTS, yes that’s the goal! Crazy! The homestudy also includes legal documents such as FBI background checks, physical exam documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, family budget, and many more! Once our homestudy is approved, we will have a final copy to send out with grant applications and with our documents that will be sent to India this Fall! 
There are so many emotions that fill my mind when I think of this precious little girl that We pray for daily.  Please join us in praying for continued favor as our paperwork is processed. More updates soon!

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