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Home Study Approved!


We did it! Survived the first round of what some adoptive parents call the “paperwork purgatory” – the state of hurrying up to rush paperwork then waiting for approval from our adoption agency.  The home study process began in June when we had our 3 social worker visits and put together a plethora of paperwork including our medical documents, background checks, family budget, reference letters (from amazing friends!), and more! We were relieved to have this finalized just last week! Now having our final home study copies in hand, I feel like I’m carrying gold! I would liken completion of our home study to the feeling I got at the end of a tough college semester, when I got that 15+ page paper back from my rigorous professor with an A+ on it! Hopefully this completion will soon reap reward!
The homestudy must be included with all adoption grant and immigration applications that we apply for.  Since our homestudy final copies arrived, I was able to send:

1) our I-800a form in to US Homeland Security! This form recognizes US parents all emotionally, materially, and physically stable to adopt a foreign child.  Waiting  for approval with immigration should take around 30-60 days, so our adoption agency says. Once this is done….(hallelujah!) our paperwork can go off to INDIA to be matched with the precious baby girl God has already picked out for us! My heart gets overwhelmed at the thought of our referral day, where we will get to see the sweet face of the girl we are waiting for on our computer screen…

2) adoption grants and loan applications – we are sending out 4 total this week! Pray for favor and that God would provide for this immense financial bill that HE has called us to! We are SO thankful for organizations that folks have started in order to help orphans be placed in forever families.  We look forward to one day being able to donate to these organizations as adoptive parents! Some of our favorites:


Over this new and fresh Fall month, will you join us in praying for:
– quick i800a immigration approval
– favor with adoption grant and loan applications
– energy and zeal to work on the next round of paperwork (the lengthy “dossier” – our pile of documents that go to India)
– even more energy to tackle the long list of reading and prep work our agency requires to become “adoption parenthood ready”…all by December!


5 thoughts on “Home Study Approved!

  1. Hey Jake! This is really cool. Jen and I will definitely pray for you guys in the process. We adopted our little guy 5 years ago! It’s an adventure, but well worth it. Send me a FB message if you want any input on grants or any adoption related stuff. God bless.

  2. Becca,
    What you and your husband are engaged in is the Gospel in a nutshell! It is a holy and wonderful thing, and this speaks volumes about the hearts you both have. I am praying for God’s perfect timing and complete favor in this adoption process. We all know that “He who began a good work in you will complete it to the day of Christ Jesus.” This is such an exciting event!
    Ken Sumner

  3. I can’t wait. I can’t wait! I can’t wait!!
    Praying continually….
    Thank you both for allowing God’s favor and love on a little girl through your tremendous efforts. He’s wooing her to himself already.

    Love you both so much!!

  4. Hey Jake and Becca! Super excited that our family will grow with the addition of a precious little girl! We are praying that God will take care of all the details and you both will be at peace during this entire process! So thankful for your loving hearts!

    Mom and Dad T.

  5. Praise the Lord! Becca and Jake, I am so thrilled for this journey the Lord has called you on. Praying for a smooth process and that you will allow God to work through you during this time! With love, Melanie.

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