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We’re trying to keep our head above water as we work on the 29 documents needed for our India “dossier” that need to be collected, signed, notarized, and apostilled (another form of notarization done by the Secretary of State’s office) within the next 3 weeks.  Many documents are specific to India’s requirements – examples: HIV/Hep B clearances, reference letters, home & family photos, marriage & birth certificates, police clearances, etc.  It will be a big day when we send our dossier to our agency – and then soon after when it will head to INDIA!

I’ve found myself daydreaming lately about what it will be like to be a mama for the first time, and for this precious dark skinned beauty we pray for daily.  It’s hard to imagine a little one running around our house!  Even though on paper she’s not our daughter yet, I feel like God has already began to bond us to her.   My emotions are definitely up and down at the thought of her and the long journey we still have.  I am reminded often that as much I am falling in love with her, our God is SO much more in love with her.  When I start worrying about her health, about how much she needs the gentle touch of her Mama and the sweet love of her Daddy, I am reminded of how the Lord is now guarding her, keeping her, protecting her, and has already planned out the days of her life.  Praying daily that I can trust His Sovereignty and timing.

Sometimes the “miss impatience” in me gets the best of my attitude – I just want her here NOW!  God has reminded me through His Word and through others lately that this waiting time is sweet and is pruning me and making me more into the woman He has created me to be.  Pruning is never easy – it’s an act of dying to myself and waiting on Jesus to rebuild areas of my heart that need building up.

“…every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit” John 15:2

– B


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