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Just started reading this book with our Visio Dei homegroup…

I loved reading Timothy Keller’s book Prodigal God, so I knew this was going to be a great read too.  From what I’ve read so far in  “Counterfeit Gods,” Keller is calling the church to wake up from the slumber and temporary trust in things, people, success, etc. that we often reach for instead of God Himself.

Doesn’t it seem like in each stage of life we are in, we are WAITING for something or someone?  We say, “if only I had ________,” or “if only _________ would happen,” my life would be so much happier and successful.  This is something I’ve struggled with in each season of life, but lately I’ve realized that too often I find myself trusting in my circumstances rather than just sitting, waiting, and enjoying THIS moment, THIS season.  For in THIS season, God has so much planned for me.  In THIS season, there are so many things I need to learn and soak in before THAT season happens.

In “Counterfeit Gods,” I was challenged in reading the first chapter as Keller talks about Abraham’s time of waiting for his promised son.  I feel like we’re in some “Abraham time” as we’re waiting for this child to come into our family, not knowing many of the details of how/when it will happen.  Keller states:

But the question now was – had he been waiting and sacrificing for God, or for the boy?
Was God just a means to an end?  To whom was Abraham ultimately giving his heart?
Did Abraham have the peace, humility, boldness, and unmovable poise that come to those
who trust in God rather than in circumstances, public opinion, or their own competence?
Had he learned to trust God alone, to love God for himself, not just for what he could get out of God?

Teach me, Father, to love YOU for yourself and not for what I think I can “get” out of You.


One thought on “THIS season…

  1. Becca,
    A friend of mine just recommended this book to me the other day. Now I read about the same book here. God surely is trying to tell me something. Thanks for this post! Miss working with you and praying for you.
    Ken Sumner

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