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News: Stepping Forward

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What an exciting week!

We have been right in the middle of finalizing our dossier, collecting last minute paperwork, and preparing for the HUGE yard sale… Little did we know that we’d receive such great news this week!

To be able to adopt in India, your agency has to log you in on the India Adoption registration website. This website has been up and down all summer, and in July our agency emailed to tell us that they were having trouble getting folks registered because of website malfunctions. They told us to be patient. We knew at that time we still had a few steps to take before we’d even be ready to register, so we prayed that God would work out the timing and open up the website ASAP! I emailed our agency on Monday to see when this registering takes place for us – because I knew it was always the 1st of the month that they would try to get families in. I wanted to be prepared for the wait from month to month to get us registered. Well our sweet India coordinator at Journeys of the Heart emailed me back saying that we are registered! They got us in the system! Now for all of you asking, “what does this get ya?” THIS means we are now registered to be matched with our girl! Our referral is up next!

We also finished up our immigration work this week with a trip to the USCIS in Durham to get fingerprinted. We should get our immigration approval to adopt anyday now!


One thought on “News: Stepping Forward

  1. YEAH! That’s so exciting! Rejoicing with you guys! The quickest way to get through a marathon is to take the next step. Awesome to hear this!

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