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6 months in & i800 approval!


God is so good to give us just a little “umph” when we need it in this journey.

Jake and I have literally been running around like chickens with our heads cut off lately – so it feels, in prep of this HUGEMUNGOUS yard sale! (yes Jake, I know that’s not a word!)  We are SO grateful for ALL of the donations that have come in!  Today in the mail we received an official envelope from U.S. Homeland Security stating that we “have been approved to adopt one child from INDIA.”  This was one of the last U.S. steps of approval we were waiting on!  Another step forward!

We have been on this journey now for 6 whole months. Some days it feels like ages and some days it feels so fresh.  Just today I thought, “are we really doing this?”  Some days it feels so surreal that we are adopting and get the privilege of waiting and fighting for our girl. (remembering James 1:2 a LOT right now)  As we’ve moved forward in this, I’m SO thankful for:

Family & friends who’ve shown SO much excitement and have been willing to do ANYTHING just to fight with us to bring our girl home.  This has included: writing super sweet reference letters, organizing/sorting/pricing yard sale items for hours (!), giving away of their own and collecting yard sale stuff, sitting and praying with us when we are anxious, or just those simple texts/emails letting us know that they are thinking of us and praying for God to open up doors for this adoption.  What a beautiful picture of Jesus’ love – SO many people loving our girl before she even knows them!

Pray with us that it will not be 6 more months that we have to wait to bring her home!  Pray for speediness – but ultimately the timing that the LORD wants…

“…He delights in mercy.” Micah 7:18


5 thoughts on “6 months in & i800 approval!

  1. It is such a blessing and joy to watch God unfold His plan for you two and for a little girl in India. He is already, as well, preparing her for a new life in Christ … preparing her to be loved and adored. I anxiously await putting arms around her!

  2. So excited for both of you! Love you!

  3. Oh my goodness….I love your blog. :o) And that picture of you two, with the balloon tied to the chair is just too precious! Praying for speed in this adoption!!!! But mostly, praying that the Lord be absolutely glorified through it all. 🙂

  4. we are actually friends of Matt and Katie in Hickory. I just saw your blog from Matt’s post of one of Liam’s cute pictures. We have four children, 2 bio and 2 adopted from Ukraine. I know some of the feelings you are having, and want you to know that I will be praying for you in the journey. I have memories of kissing the fedex guy when he brought our approval papers. Every little step counts. Will pray. Will remember to ask Katie and Matt about your progress and check your blog if you don’t mind, so I know how to pray.

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