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And so we begin…

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I’ve been a little MIA here this week because we’ve been taking some much needed time away from any form of night-time work or homework.  It seems like our nights and weekends for the past 2 months were completely spent working on paperwork or yard sale prep.  BIG NEWS FOLKS: our dossier is D.O.N.E. and sent to our adoption agency!  Woo what a relief!  The dossier is our official send-to-India documents packet which includes things like:

– birth certificates

– marriage certificates

– financial statements

– reference letters

– policy letters

– childcare arrangement plans

– employment letters

– health reports

– and more…
This is like SIX months worth of paperwork! It’s been a game of organization and perseverance – and there is no way we could have done it alone.  This “project” forced us to work together constantly towards our goal – I loved that part.

This was our living room the night before we sent our docs:

So…now we begin: THE BIG WAITWaiting for the referral (match with our girl), waiting for court dates, and waiting for permission to travel.  As we enter this new chapter of the adoption journey, I’m thinking that we must be entering into the harder part.  See before, we’ve been able to somewhat control how fast the process is going – by our speed of paperwork done.  Now, it’s completely out of our hands.  Oh boy.

Please pray for favor with the India government as they match us with our girl.  Pray we can wait well and trust God’s perfect timing in it all.


One thought on “And so we begin…

  1. Congratulations!!!!!! Getting the dossier is HUGE. Praying for you!!!!

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