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Best story ever…


The waiting phase continues.  Don’t worry folks, we’ll be here awhile (prayerfully not?!) This week we’re still waiting on our dossier to be reviewed by our agency – praying that all looks good and we don’t have to add onto the piles upon piles of paperwork that we sent.

I’ll have to admit, in this waiting stage, I feel much like an emotional + hormonal pregnant lady at times.  I’m elated when I wake up from a (God-given?) dream where I see a little dark headed babe running around in our living room, that seems oh-so real.  And then I have thoughts of fear (and honestly often doubt) that we won’t get to spend her 2nd birthday with her…or how we’re missing out on seeing her take her first steps and speak her first words.  I won’t lie, adoption isn’t the easy road nor as dreamy as it looks.  But then, the Lord is SO good to provide glimmers of encouragement through many of you – that keep us going.  Cards with gifts in the mail like this from baby girl’s cousin Liam:


Things like this literally keep us going. I’m so thankful for sweet friends and family who are hoping and praying with us.

And then there’s the sweet basket of books in sitting in her room, waiting to be read – all provided by our sweet homegroup friends who brought books for our girl to her (soon to be) friend Brynna’s 2nd bday party.  It’s all I can do to not sob everytime we get sweet gifts like this for our girl – not because of the gift itself, but because of the love that so many have for her AND THEY HAVEN’T EVEN MET HER.


It blows me away, but reminds me so much of the true LOVE that Jesus had for us when He went to the cross. We didn’t know Him, but He thought of us with so much love and really did LIVE the best story ever.  I wanna read that story over and over again.


2 thoughts on “Best story ever…

  1. Praying for her everyday, right where she is, and for time to hasten to the day she IS toddling around the floors of your home (& mine now and then!)
    Praying also for you both as you wait on Him patiently with hope.
    I love you all three. Mimi

  2. Thankful for all the love of family & friends sharing in your heart’s desire to love on this little one through life.

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