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Early shopping?

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All of this talk about the holidays coming gets me SO excited. I can’t wait to spend time with my family, see my sis who just moved out of the state, hug and play with my nephew, eat pumpkin pie, get a Christmas tree, decorate for Christmas, and make some sweet memories within these next few weeks!

Shopping early for Christmas gifts?  Check out these really cool Christmas gift ideas that go to an even cooler cause:

1) Stella & Dot Online Party for Tricia Lawrenson. Tricia is a Raleigh gal who I’ve never met, but she has found an extreme fight with a few different illnesses but is still holding onto hope that God is healer of all.  Read her story, buy something from the online party (you have until December 8th!) ALL proceeds of this party go directly towards her medical care. Come on girls, you know how cute Stella & Dot jewelry is.

2) Onna is the band that my brother-in-law, Matt is in.  They are recording an EP of Christmas songs called “Love Has Come” and donating ALL proceeds of the album to Sarah’s Covenant Home – the orphanage we are adopting from!  Be on the lookout for more info on this around the 1st week of December!

3) Christmas in India! hosted by Global Hope India will be held on November 30th this year at the downtown Raleigh Sir Walter! ALL proceeds go to child rescue projects in India!  There will hand painted ornaments, pearl earrings, and beautiful scarves straight from India for sale! Bring your family!


4) Sevenly t-shirts.  Love this organization.  Each week they choose a different nonprofit, design a t-shirt, sell the t-shirts, and give all proceeds to the organization selected.  Who doesn’t like funky t-shirts?

Happy shopping!




One thought on “Early shopping?

  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to Sevenly!! Did you see the shirts today? LOVE!

    Oh, how I wish I could attend Christmas in India…praying for a success event!


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