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January was long.

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Anyone else feel like that? Shew. I always feel like December is a roller-coaster and January is a little, well, boring.  The summer girl in me is feelin’ this white skin, dry skin going on.  Can’t wait to be by the pool – and then I wonder, will I be by the pool, or will I be in India, lovin’ on my girl?  Day dreamin’ – there’s lots of that going on right now.  What’s been keeping me sane lately:

1) Soul Detox. I’m loving this YouVersion plan right now.  Loving journeying through with the rest of the She Reads Truth girls.  I even have my hub joining in now.  Taking captive those thoughts that don’t belong is what Soul Detox is all about.  It’s not too late to join!

2) Reading.  Since we had to read so much for the Service Plan, I’m on a roll.  Working on some Francine Rivers (Her Mother’s Hope – even though I know it won’t be as good as Redeeming Love) and about to start Power of a Praying Wife with the journey group girls.

3) Valentine’s day is coming up! Planning some surprises…are you?

4) Downtown Raleigh! I had a dream the other night that we moved suddenly and I was really upset. I love our city!  Wanting to try Calavera soon…anyone been there yet?

How are you beating the winter blues?


One thought on “January was long.

  1. I am SO tired of winter…I have been saying all week that I am ready for summer. Hoping we are both in India this summer!!! 🙂

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