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updates + prayers please!

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Alright folks.  This week is a big one on the adoption from in India.  There is a huge meeting between child welfare (government leaders), adoption agencies, and orphanage leaders regarding the “state of adoption” there.  This meeting will review adoption policies and talk about the future of adoption there.  Would you pray with us that this meeting creates some type of movement in our case, and the cases of so many families who are waiting on their children to come home?

  • pray that hearts of the officials are encouraged to create/protect policies that are in the best interest of orphans there
  • pray that the officials would show favor to the families who are attempting adoption of these kids
  • pray  that the officials would desire and make efforts to expedite the adoptions
  • pray  that the Lord would protect the “openness” of adoption in India for US families
On updates – Jake and I have been incredibly encouraged lately.  We’ve had the opportunity lately to meet many other adopting families – some who have been through the process already and some still waiting.  It’s so encouraging to know that the Lord will redeem this time of waiting, regardless of how long it may be.
We still have no timeline or referral (match) with our girl.Last week I spoke with our adoption agency and got a somewhat “update.”  Only it turned out to not be much of an update at all, because really, there was no “new news.”  I was really bummed, discouraged, etc. to hear this – the no news seemed to add to my dread/sadness lately of having to wait. And wait. And wait.  I had a mini breakdown – where I really had to just hand it over to the Lord.  I was reminded gently by Him (and my sweet husband) that our God has the timing of it all.  That the Lord loves our girl so much more than we will ever love her – and that He has her (and our) best interest in mind.  Sometimes its just so hard to submit to His goodness and let go my “control” of His worry. I felt like over and over again last week, He kept gently reminding me of His faithfulness thus far.  Reminding me of the faithfulness and the promise of “good and not evil” towards us, and her.  Good, encouraging stuff.



One thought on “updates + prayers please!

  1. The wait is so, so, so hard, Becca. But you are so right, the Lord does redeem it, because He brings good out of every situation for those who love Him. You will learn so much about Him through this process, and so much about yourself. You will grow in ways that you cannot even fathom, and then you will be able to give away to others what He has taught you. I don’t think He does this horrible waiting to us on purpose. I think He wants these children to have families A.S.A.P. But oh, how He uses everything for good, because HE IS SO GOOD!!!!!

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