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Little bit o’ sunshine: bathroom redo

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New framed out mirror.

photo (3)

Inspiration rug!

photo (2)

rugged elephant towel rack.

photo (1)

My favorite part: sweet words we found, design created by daddy Taylor. Props to him on learning Photoshop in 1 day. He loves his girl so much already.

Last week in our boredom of waiting for springtime and for little miss, I talked J into re-doing our guest bath, which will be little gal’s bathroom.  Those of you who know me well know that I am pretty much addicted to decorating – so I was thrilled when J agreed to paint the room light gray for me!  We based the design/colors on the fun sunshine yellow chevron rug, found at KOHL’S. Crazy.  J even designed a special print that captures the heart of where we are in this adoption right now – growing in love for that little girl.  Next up – the toddler room!  We are holding off decorating her room until later hopefully soon, when we get our official referral/match.  Come on India, we wanna see that sweet little face!


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