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I know. It’s time for a post, time for some updates.

This Spring has been crazy with mission trips to India where I met this sweet girl,

photo (3)

Jake and I hiking on top of a mountain in Orissa, India
photo (1)

I spent 25 days for me in India… And my mama came too!

photo (2)
a very busy wedding season with C and D Events (getting to see some very close friends celebrate their marriages!)

photo (2)

and welcoming in our sweet baby niece, Eden Blaine!

photo (1)

So many of you have been so thoughtful in keeping up with our journey to grow our family – I love it that so many of you ask, often, what the latest news is.  The short answer is, there’s not too much happening, much to our dismay, in our adoption story realm. At least, in what we can see – we choose to believe, and have to remind ourselves often, that God is fighting a battle behind the scenes to bring orphans like our girl, into a forever family. Why? Because that is His very nature. He longs to bring us all into His family, to tell us we matter, to give us a purpose.

In early Spring, we heard some rumblings of movement in our case and really thought we’d had our referral (official match) sometime around then. We prayed and prayed and many of you rallied around us to beg, to plead, and to fast for this to happen. But it didn’t. And it still hasn’t.

So much of this spring has been a process of coming to grips with the fact that our plan, even as grand and wonderful as we thought it was, wasn’t happening. I remember when we were in college and dating, Jake and I would talk about our hopeful future. We would plan out just when “this” would happen or “that” would happen. We really thought we had it all figured out.  Funny how things change. We are having to remind ourselves often that our story isn’t over yet, that The great story teller is still writing. He is an artist, and when artists work, sometimes it’s so messy in the middle of the art piece, before it’s done. Well, we are right in the midst of the messy. I could certainly write a book right now on how even in the messy, there’s some really good stuff too. Like community. True authentic seeking going on. Relational growth. Personal goals reached.

I can tell you that our faith has never been more stretched than it is right now. We are still believing for a miracle, still clinging to the dream God spoke to us almost 2 and a half years ago…but many days, it’s hard to hold onto that dream.  We are the ever reoccurring prayer request and we certainly feel like that widow in the bible that just kept begging and begging and begging some more, until her request was granted because of her persistence.  We certainly have the persistent part down pat!

I still believe God longs to bring home “sons and daughters from afar” and that He will bring our girl home one day!



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