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sweet baby girl.


It’s with so much joy that we are finally able to update our blog with good news!

The past few months have been nothing but a roller coaster – not what we thought we signed up for, but we are definitely able to see God’s hand in all of it. We would love to share more of that story in person with you, as it’s long and detailed.

What we know to be true in this whole story is that God doesn’t forget about a dream He places on our hearts. When we think He isn’t working, He is working hard behind the scenes in ways we can’t even imagine. He truly is the God of the impossible.  For those of you struggling to believe that this holiday season, I just challenge you to test Him. Wrestle with Him.  Tell Him how you feel and beg Him to show up and move in your life. He won’t disappoint.

Back at the end of October, we got a call from our agency that changed everything.  You see, we were ready to throw in the towel and give up on the adoption that we had felt God leading us to start almost 3 years ago.

“This is always the best place for miracles: God meets us right where we don’t believe.  When our believing runs out, God’s loving runs on.” -Ann Voskamp

And then, we saw the little face of a sweet baby girl – a girl who needed mama and daddy to call her own.  And then…we said yes!

We are officially matched with this sweet baby girl!!! The next few months will involve paperwork on our part, applying with US immigrations, waiting on some paperwork to be approved in India.  We are hoping to travel sometime next Summer or Fall, God willing, to go to court and then bring her home.  We do ask that us pray with us for favor and speed in the paperwork chase!

Although we would love to share her picture, we can’t right now, but can guarantee you that she is a cutie and we cannot wait for you all to meet her one day!

Thanks for your prayers and excitement with us!


2 thoughts on “sweet baby girl.

  1. So very happy for you!

  2. Loved your update! Definitely an answer to lots of prayers!

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