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The countdown begins…

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Best thing ever to see on my computer screen today!

Our dossier (which is pretty much our life story/personal legal docs and much more) + all of our signed and sealed referral (match) documents are finally en route to India!!!

For those of you in the adoption world, you know that the dossier is pretty much like a thesis paper/project that you do over lots and lots of months.  We had finished most of ours about 2 years ago, but finally were able to finish the most important part  – signing our name over our baby girls’ pictures, personal history file, and medical file.  It felt very surreal signing:

“we accept _________* as our daughter”

across every page of those documents.   Our DAUGHTER. Is this real? For those of you who have journeyed with us through the highs and extreme lows of this journey, you know that to be at this point, even though we have so far to go still, is a miracle!

So what now?

Our paperwork will be going through a few more approval processes in India in the coming months while we, here in the U.S., complete necessary immigrations documents and start the process to apply for her visa.  Eventually, we are thinking sometime in the Fall, we will get our appointed court date a month or so before we are to travel.  They’ve given us a timeline (countdown!) of 8-10 months before traveling, but we know with any adoption timeline, it could vary.

Why does it take so long?

It’s like closing on a house. So many legal processes to go through.

In the mean time, we’ll continue to get excited, pray hard that its all expedited, and soak up time for the two of us.  Please be praying with us that every piece of our paperwork gets in the hands of officials who need to see it.  Pray for an expedited timeline for us! Pray for our girl as she’s growing – that God is preparing our hearts and hers for each other.

*name omitted for privacy!


One thought on “The countdown begins…

  1. Good, exciting….precious! things happen to those who wait…. Oh, I can’t wait to see her in the arms of her forever parents…. excited to love on her as one of her forever grandmothers….

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