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Updates & Noonday Adoption Fundraiser!

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After lots and lots of waiting, so much has happened in the last 2 months!

We sold our house in 5 days (!)

Our adoption case was filed in court (!!!)

We are moving and I FINALLY get to decorate a nursery!

Our girl had her 1st birthday last week! (you know we will be partying it up when she gets here!)

We have lots of adoption expenses all of a sudden! (and quite a few unexpected!!!)

We’re updating all of the adoption paperwork that expires this Summer (yes, right before she comes home, geez.)

All of that to say – life is a little nuts right now, in all the good ways. However – pray for:

1) us as we tackle this added paperwork (I thought it was over!)

2) as we fundraise for the unexpected fees that have recently come up with the paperwork updates and court fees

Want to help? Like NOONDAY jewelry? My friend Emily is a Noonday Ambassador and for the month of June is donating proceeds of her sales to our adoption!!! If you haven’t heard about Noonday, you should go check it out! Such an incredible company with gorgeous, I mean seriously gorgeous jewelry (I want it ALL!)

You can shop on Emily’s site here: http://www.noondaycollection.com/emilysexton


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