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She is ours!!!

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It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated this blog. SO much has happened!

We celebrated 7 years of being married last week.  Still crazy in love!

The week before that I turned 30! ah!

Last week we received the final written declaration that we have guardianship of our girl.  She is legally ours!!!! I can’t even describe to you the pure JOY that is filling our house right now.  It really, more than ever, feels like there’s something missing around in our household.  Her orphanage has applied for her passport and once it arrives (hopefully next week), we will be given permission to book our plane tickets!!!  Therefore, we are guessing that we’ll be traveling sometime during the 2nd or 3rd week in September.  We can’t wait to post pictures and announce her full name when we’re there with her. (Stay tuned!)

So we are starting to pack.

Washing baby clothes.

Finishing new house projects.

Wrapping up final nursery touches.

Savoring sleeping late and going on dates.

When you’ve waited forever it seems (3.5 years it’s been for us), the joy is hard to contain!  I get all weepy when I think of the work God has done in our hearts throughout the wait, and while I wouldn’t have asked for such a hard journey to becoming a mama, I’m so thankful He had a bigger story to write than the one I thought we had pinned.  Nearing the end of this waiting journey, I’m starting to see the pieces be put together that I didn’t understand in the middle –

that our story really isn’t anything about us “getting”  a daughter, but rather a process of learning how to better trust our Creator in all things, including our heart’s desires and our life plans/dreams

how adoption is so much more complicated that I thought it was – but paints such an incredible picture of how Jesus longs for each of us to be in His family…our God is one who redeems brokenness…and we get to be a part of that through the honor of bringing this little one into our family

how in really difficult times of loss and grief, God is still worthy to be praised and is still working behind the scenes…there was a season where I didn’t really believe that this adoption was going to happen…when the path was changed and we were left confused.  So thankful to see that God was still writing our story in the midst of our confusion…He knew all along what would be happening…

We’ll come home as a family of 3, and we REALLY cannot wait to introduce her to all of you!  Since she has grown up thus far in an orphanage and hasn’t had a very consistent caregiver, we’ll spend time “cocooning” as they call it, teaching her to trust us as her mama and daddy.  That will involve lots of baby wearing and cuddling, family time with her, and a little break from our normal schedules so that she can get adjusted well.  Don’t worry – we will post lots of pictures!
More updates soon!


One thought on “She is ours!!!

  1. I am SO THRILLED for you guys!!! Rejoicing and praising God with you! What wonderful, wonderful news! Can’t wait to see pictures. Praying blessings over your trip and over this transition time, as you become a family of 3.

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