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our little Liv.

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Friends – it has been WAY too long since I’ve updated this blog.  Hopefully, you’ve been following my instagram and Facebook accounts to see that in September of last year, we brought home the most beautiful little girl from India.  Words can’t express how much we are in love with her!

We named her Alivia Rohini Taylor – “Alivia” honestly because it’s always been a name we’ve loved!  “Rohini” is her given Indian name.  It means “Star” in Hindi.  Very fitting for a little girl who brings so much light and joy into our family.

It’s crazy how much a child changes your world!  The past few months have been filled with lots of family bonding time with just the three of us, sweet time for Liv to meet our family and friends, and time adjusting/learning how to live as a family of three!  The hardest part right now is sleeping, as our girl is fearful of the night and doesn’t like to sleep alone!  The best part is seeing her light up as she discovers and enjoys new things.  We are all learning a lot!

While I hate that we live in a world where adoptions must take place due to so many factors, I’m so thankful to get a front seat to watching my daughter experience and be a part of her forever family.

We can’t say enough how grateful we are to ALL of you who have prayed, fundraised, brought meals over, greeted us at the airport, cheered us on from afar, sent encouraging messages…..the list goes on and my heart is overwhelmed when I think of ALL of the love put into this adoption.

Here are (just a few of) some precious photos taken by my good friend Casey of Casey Rose Photography who captured our homecoming….and keep scrolling for a little video that captured the moment!


Our sweet friends made this precious video to capture our airport homecoming – enjoy!





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