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Early shopping?

All of this talk about the holidays coming gets me SO excited. I can’t wait to spend time with my family, see my sis who just moved out of the state, hug and play with my nephew, eat pumpkin pie, get a Christmas tree, decorate for Christmas, and make some sweet memories within these next few weeks!

Shopping early for Christmas gifts?  Check out these really cool Christmas gift ideas that go to an even cooler cause:

1) Stella & Dot Online Party for Tricia Lawrenson. Tricia is a Raleigh gal who I’ve never met, but she has found an extreme fight with a few different illnesses but is still holding onto hope that God is healer of all.  Read her story, buy something from the online party (you have until December 8th!) ALL proceeds of this party go directly towards her medical care. Come on girls, you know how cute Stella & Dot jewelry is.

2) Onna is the band that my brother-in-law, Matt is in.  They are recording an EP of Christmas songs called “Love Has Come” and donating ALL proceeds of the album to Sarah’s Covenant Home – the orphanage we are adopting from!  Be on the lookout for more info on this around the 1st week of December!

3) Christmas in India! hosted by Global Hope India will be held on November 30th this year at the downtown Raleigh Sir Walter! ALL proceeds go to child rescue projects in India!  There will hand painted ornaments, pearl earrings, and beautiful scarves straight from India for sale! Bring your family!


4) Sevenly t-shirts.  Love this organization.  Each week they choose a different nonprofit, design a t-shirt, sell the t-shirts, and give all proceeds to the organization selected.  Who doesn’t like funky t-shirts?

Happy shopping!





Best story ever…

The waiting phase continues.  Don’t worry folks, we’ll be here awhile (prayerfully not?!) This week we’re still waiting on our dossier to be reviewed by our agency – praying that all looks good and we don’t have to add onto the piles upon piles of paperwork that we sent.

I’ll have to admit, in this waiting stage, I feel much like an emotional + hormonal pregnant lady at times.  I’m elated when I wake up from a (God-given?) dream where I see a little dark headed babe running around in our living room, that seems oh-so real.  And then I have thoughts of fear (and honestly often doubt) that we won’t get to spend her 2nd birthday with her…or how we’re missing out on seeing her take her first steps and speak her first words.  I won’t lie, adoption isn’t the easy road nor as dreamy as it looks.  But then, the Lord is SO good to provide glimmers of encouragement through many of you – that keep us going.  Cards with gifts in the mail like this from baby girl’s cousin Liam:


Things like this literally keep us going. I’m so thankful for sweet friends and family who are hoping and praying with us.

And then there’s the sweet basket of books in sitting in her room, waiting to be read – all provided by our sweet homegroup friends who brought books for our girl to her (soon to be) friend Brynna’s 2nd bday party.  It’s all I can do to not sob everytime we get sweet gifts like this for our girl – not because of the gift itself, but because of the love that so many have for her AND THEY HAVEN’T EVEN MET HER.


It blows me away, but reminds me so much of the true LOVE that Jesus had for us when He went to the cross. We didn’t know Him, but He thought of us with so much love and really did LIVE the best story ever.  I wanna read that story over and over again.

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October Baby & redemption

In keeping with the movie’s title/season and wanting something new from Red Box this weekend, we chose October Baby – a brand new film to Red Box.  What a sweet story of redemption, forgiveness, and adoption this movie is – PLEASE see it!  I won’t say more (than I cried my eyes out) because I don’t want to give it away.  I LOVED that this story paints a very realistic picture of the pain and glory of adoption, the emotional brutality of abortions, and the hope & freedom found in forgiveness!

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All in the family

We have had a lot of sweet and exciting family time lately!


Our sweet nephew turned 1 year at the beginning of the month!


First baby on the Lee side – and Papa’s first great grandson

AND my brother in law returns from his 9 month deployment in Afghanistan this week!

I’m so excited to welcome our girl into our fun family! Oh how welcomed she will be! God revealed to me this week that my excitement of her joining our family doesn’t even compare with the excitement HE has when one of His created join His family! You see, He sacrificed much more than time, paperwork, money, and emotions to bring us into His family – HE gave up His only son for the perfect sacrifice for our sins. HE bridged the gap for us to join Him and all of His riches so that we could sit at His table with no condemnation but full on, overwhelming, in your face LOVE. And all it takes for us to join this family is accepting His free gift and following after Him! Wow! As much as I long for our girl to be home, HE even more so longs for ALL to be a part of His family. Beautiful and simple…

The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance. (2 Peter 3:9 ESV)

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are! (1 John 3:1 ESV)

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On Our Way to Being Parents

It still blows my mind that we are adopting and that our first child will be a sweet little Indian girl.  It blows my mind, but shouldn’t – I mostly get overwhelmed when I think of how God made it clearer than clear that we were to start adopting.  You see, Jake and I had it all planned out of when we’d get pregnant, how we thought we would discipline, and what his/her room would look like.  As usual, we thought we had it all figured out, but our God, so rich in his grace and mercy for us and our daughter, chose to still show us His plan for building our family. Love it! We are overjoyed at the thought of a little Taylor girl running around and filling our house with joy and a daily reminder of our adoption by Jesus Christ into HIS family!
We are currently waiting for our homestudy to be approved by our adoption agency. The homestudy is a series of interviews done by a social worker, all for the purpose of insuring that we are legally, emotionally, and physically healthy to be adopting parents. PARENTS, yes that’s the goal! Crazy! The homestudy also includes legal documents such as FBI background checks, physical exam documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, family budget, and many more! Once our homestudy is approved, we will have a final copy to send out with grant applications and with our documents that will be sent to India this Fall! 
There are so many emotions that fill my mind when I think of this precious little girl that We pray for daily.  Please join us in praying for continued favor as our paperwork is processed. More updates soon!

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Welcome to Our Blog!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our blog! We hope to keep each of you updated on our process and the highlights of our adoption journey.  Please join us in praying for our process as you go through each step with us here!  One day we hope to share with our girl just how many people were praying for her and loved her before she even came to live with us!

Please pray:

1) For our daughter’s health and well being in the orphanage she is growing up in

2) For smooth (and fast!) paperwork approvals

3) For favor with the Indian government as they process our paperwork and her’s

4) That our hearts, minds, and marriage would be prepared for parenthood!