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Yard Sale: Complete!

Oh friends, what a weekend!  I’ve been quite emotional today as I look back on the past week.  Two overall things I’m convinced without a doubt of through this:

1)  God LOVES orphans and will fight for them.  So thankful to get to be a part of His plan of orphans (ours in particular) finding forever families.

2) We have some AMAZING friends & family. Hands down the BEST!

God showed up and poured out HIS love through SO many – giving love, support, and financial blessings in efforts to bring our girl home this weekend.

The yard sale was AMAZING!
Day 1: Friday am was an early one with Jake and his trustworthy buddies showing up at 4 am to begin setting up…AND it was raining! I was nervous when I woke up to rain but just continued to pray that God would show up and make all of the hard work worth it. Yard sales are no joke folks! I didn’t know what I was getting myself into! Then came a whole crew – friends, family, and a few folks we’d never met (our friends inviting friends to help). We set up what seemed like an infinite amount of stuff! At the end of the day, we had at least half of the items sold and made a grand total of around $2700! We were SO excited and surprised!

Day 2: We started this day feeling already like it would be icing on the cake – really didn’t think the sale would make more than $3000 total. Well, you see, our God loves orphans SO much. His heart is with the lost, abandoned, without hope. He is in the business of making miracles happen – like bringing baby girls home to their forever family. He loves our girl SO much that He showed up BIG time on day 2! We had a very steady flow of folks come out on Saturday – some friends (and strangers) showing up to just write a check! (no lie! God’s goodness again!) Our “team” was amazing – bargaining and selling out the wazoo! Around 12:30 that day we “closed up shop” and still had about 2 trucks worth of stuff. We donated it to With Love From Jesus – a great ministry in town that reaches out to serve the poor in Raleigh.

Finally, we totaled the 2 days worth of funds. Between what we had pre-sold in Craig’s List, the yard sale proceeds, and donations that came in over the weekend, God provided right at $7,000 towards our adoption! Friends, behold a MIRACLE!

Through God’s provision, we have now funded $24,000 of the $30,000 adoption total.  Please be praying with us for the remaining $6,000!

There’s no way we could have pulled this weekend off without our friends and family.  It was so humbling to be served and loved on and to watch as our friends & family woke up at the crack of dawn to set up, baked things, donated items, advertised, bargained and pleaded for folks to buy things, told our adoption story and the reason behind the yard sale, cleaned up, hauled furniture around,… I could go on and on and on! We saw the CHURCH in action this weekend and it was beautiful!

For those of you who were involved in some capacity – THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! On behalf of our daughter who will one day meet you – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


“He executes justice for the fatherless…” Deuteronomy 10:18


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News: Stepping Forward

What an exciting week!

We have been right in the middle of finalizing our dossier, collecting last minute paperwork, and preparing for the HUGE yard sale… Little did we know that we’d receive such great news this week!

To be able to adopt in India, your agency has to log you in on the India Adoption registration website. This website has been up and down all summer, and in July our agency emailed to tell us that they were having trouble getting folks registered because of website malfunctions. They told us to be patient. We knew at that time we still had a few steps to take before we’d even be ready to register, so we prayed that God would work out the timing and open up the website ASAP! I emailed our agency on Monday to see when this registering takes place for us – because I knew it was always the 1st of the month that they would try to get families in. I wanted to be prepared for the wait from month to month to get us registered. Well our sweet India coordinator at Journeys of the Heart emailed me back saying that we are registered! They got us in the system! Now for all of you asking, “what does this get ya?” THIS means we are now registered to be matched with our girl! Our referral is up next!

We also finished up our immigration work this week with a trip to the USCIS in Durham to get fingerprinted. We should get our immigration approval to adopt anyday now!


Home Study Approved!

We did it! Survived the first round of what some adoptive parents call the “paperwork purgatory” – the state of hurrying up to rush paperwork then waiting for approval from our adoption agency.  The home study process began in June when we had our 3 social worker visits and put together a plethora of paperwork including our medical documents, background checks, family budget, reference letters (from amazing friends!), and more! We were relieved to have this finalized just last week! Now having our final home study copies in hand, I feel like I’m carrying gold! I would liken completion of our home study to the feeling I got at the end of a tough college semester, when I got that 15+ page paper back from my rigorous professor with an A+ on it! Hopefully this completion will soon reap reward!
The homestudy must be included with all adoption grant and immigration applications that we apply for.  Since our homestudy final copies arrived, I was able to send:

1) our I-800a form in to US Homeland Security! This form recognizes US parents all emotionally, materially, and physically stable to adopt a foreign child.  Waiting  for approval with immigration should take around 30-60 days, so our adoption agency says. Once this is done….(hallelujah!) our paperwork can go off to INDIA to be matched with the precious baby girl God has already picked out for us! My heart gets overwhelmed at the thought of our referral day, where we will get to see the sweet face of the girl we are waiting for on our computer screen…

2) adoption grants and loan applications – we are sending out 4 total this week! Pray for favor and that God would provide for this immense financial bill that HE has called us to! We are SO thankful for organizations that folks have started in order to help orphans be placed in forever families.  We look forward to one day being able to donate to these organizations as adoptive parents! Some of our favorites:


Over this new and fresh Fall month, will you join us in praying for:
– quick i800a immigration approval
– favor with adoption grant and loan applications
– energy and zeal to work on the next round of paperwork (the lengthy “dossier” – our pile of documents that go to India)
– even more energy to tackle the long list of reading and prep work our agency requires to become “adoption parenthood ready”…all by December!