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Our Family Story


Why India?

The need for orphan care in India far outweighs that of any other country. According to Operation World, it is estimated that there are approximately 35 million orphans in India. 90% of these orphaned children are female.  In addition, anywhere from 20 million to 50 million children are involved in child labor. Up to two-thirds of children in India suffer physical abuse, and one-half some kind of sexual harassment or abuse. Over 1.2 million children in India are involved in prostitution.  God has broken our hearts for this country and we refuse to not be a part of the solution. While we wish that we could rescue each of these children and give them a loving home, we are firm believers in the phrase “Do for one what you wish you could do for all.”

Why a girl?

Approximately 500,000 baby girls are killed every month in India.  Although Ultrasounds are illegal in India, many underground opportunities for gender determination remain.  Many families choose to abort their female children due to the belief that girls are financial burdens.  This largely comes from the fact that the dowry tradition remains intact and that there are more job opportunities for boys.  It is our belief that ALL created life is sacred and each of these girls is special and loved by God.  Please watch this video to learn more:

Why are we adopting first?

It’s simple for us. God made it clear to us that we are to grow our family through adoption first!

Will we one day have “our own” children?

First off each of our children, whether adopted or biological, will be “our own” children.  So if you’re asking if we plan to have biological children, then yes, Lord willing we hope to grow our family in whatever way God provides!

Why is adoption so expensive?

In order for adoptions to be final, complete, and legally done, most adoptions must be done through a Hague certified agency (this means they pass government regulations set out by the Hague convention that helps make the adoption legit). Agencies can’t process adoptions for free, and must charge upfront for the legal work that they do. Others fees from the adopting country side include: child passport and visa fees, parent travel fees while in country, translation fees, immigration fees, and more!  The total cost of our adoption will be $30,000. To give a tax-deductible gift and help us with these expenses, click here.


3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. We adopted last year and it has been the greatest gift to our family. Although we have adopted from the US, we have traveled to Mumbai three times and my dream is to adopt from there as well. I fell in LOVE with India and can not wait to go back. Best wishes to you and your husband and safe travels!

  2. I think this is absolutely amazing what you are doing. There are so many children in need all over the world who need a home and people need to be made aware of this incredible need, and the incredible reward of inviting a child into your home. May God bless your beautifully designed family which will touch people’s hearts forever. ❤

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